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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Leanne MorrisonLeanne Morrison
Pass first time
Would definitely recommend Mirek as a driving instructor! I hadn't driven in 6 years however Mirek instantly put me at ease. He is extremely patient, calm and encouraging driving instructor which allows you to learn quickly.

Nathan WickhamNathan Wickham
Well today I have passed my driving test after undertaking an intensive driving course with Mirek. Not only have I passed but I have passed with a clean sheet, no minors at all. Mirek is an excellent instructor who is patient when it's needed and doesn't hesitate to tell you what your doing wrong and what you need to do to correct the issue. I couldn't recommend him more, thoroughly enjoyed my time learning to drive with him. Nathan Wickham

Oscars GrabensOscars Grabens
Passed first time
Mirek was honest, constructive and patient which was very helpful. He built my confidence as a driver through his approach and provided me with the best preparation I could have asked for and he got an answer.

Francess GrossetFrancess Grosset
Passed 1st time
Here's my statement! I was told by a previous driving instructor that I would never pass. I totally believed that until a friend recommended to me that I tried lessons with Mirek. I'm a very nervous person anyways, so driving for me has always been scary, this wasn't an issue for Mirek. He made me feel at ease and never lost his temper (no matter how bad my driving was!) He's a lovely funny instructor who has the pupils best interest at heart. I couldn't have passed without him. Highly recommended. Thanks again Mirek ❤️❤️ you've been amazing! Now time for some wine!! Wooohoooo!

Craig Smith
I would recommend Mirek to any learner driver. He offers a top quality service and he is 100% reliable. The lessons were always well planned making every minute of our lesson count!

Isabella Amaral
Passed 1st time
Mirek is a great instructor. He is calm and systematic, which is very helpful when preparing for the driving test, which can be a really stressful time. I liked his style and his teaching techniques, and his tips and advice definitely helped me getting my drivers license in the first attempt. I would recommend him to anyone!

Ritz PaquibotRitz Paquibot
Thanks Mirek! You were a really good instructor and with your help I was able to pass my driving test! You made things easy for me to understand. Friendly all the time but firm when I needed it!

Amanda Jane AdamsAmanda Jane Adams
Mirek as a driving instructor!! Having had a few previous driving instructors in the past not one of them made me feel confident enough to drive on the road or that I was good enough to be in the driving seat, however Mirek did, He made me feel at ease from the moment I sat in the driving seat and I was a wreck, I was shaking, and felt physically sick to be back controlling a car, He never got angry or annoyed when I made a mistake, and made me feel like his car was my car, it didn't matter how much I made the same mistake, he never gave up on me He knew when I was stressed and annoyed with myself for not getting it right but he knew I could do it and pushed me to prove to me I could do it, He always had the tablet on hand to easily explain anything I could not grasp, Even when I crashed in to a railing on my 1st driving test he didn't get angry or give up on me even when I gave up on myself, He didn't pressure me to get back in the car after my little accident he just waited until I was ready to drive again which so happened to be my last test which I PASSED! And believe me I cried and there was Mirek handy with his tissues. I would definitely recommend Mirek as an instructor to anyone who is a new learner or previous driving experience or is nervous when it comes to tests Thank you Mirek for helping me get my license, and helping me to be a safe driver, also for not giving up on me when I gave up on myself

Zareen Khaleck
Techniques: Mirek is a driving instructor who has a very good teaching skill. He is very patient and will teach/ show you how to drive (especially the parking where it is difficult in the beginning to understand how to do the manoeuvres). He will explain and repeat multiples time and wont give up until you fully understand how to do it. He is very up to date with his teaching skill, he always has his ipad with him and will show you the different manoeuvres, the different street (in road view from google map, if needed). It is one of these things that he has in extra as compared to other driving instructors. Personality: He is friendly and he will make you comfortable in the lessons which is important - as a learner, people tend to be stressed even during the lessons but he makes you feel at ease which is very helpful. He is always on time for the lessons and will very rarely cancel at the last minute (i cannot recall this ever happening).

Recommendation: I would highly recommend him and also, do book the classes in advance as it can be difficult to get a time booked in his diary as he is a very good driving instructor. I would like to say thank you to him for helping me be the driver who I am today (courteous, driving within the speed limit and with confidence). Driving is one of these things you learn for life - it is important to get it right. It was definitely worth every single penny spent on the driving lessons. If you are thinking of having driving lessons, think of Mirek - he is definitely a driving instructor who i would recommend! Thanks, Zareen

Hayley TitleyHayley Titley
It has been a pleasure learning to drive with Mirek and I am grateful for his help in passing my test. Mirek is an enthusiastic, encouraging and patient instructor who will help build your skills and driving confidence. He was able to clearly explain manoeuvres through the use of diagrams which were then made available to me via email. Further he'd ensure that I fully understood any mistakes I had made and thus helped to build my road awareness and understanding. I would highly recommend Mirek as an instructor and again thank you for all your help.

Robin Taylor Robin Taylor
Passed 1st time
Mirek is a great driving instructor who helped me pass my practical test first time. He has a straight forward and easy to understand teaching style and is very patient. Highly Recommended.

Veronica PetrovaVeronica Petrova
After the failure of the first test with other instructor I didn't realise my driving mistakes and I have not practiced for a long time. But Mirek helped me to understand my driving minors and fix them, especially roundabouts and cutting corners. He uses advanced technologies such as computer tablet to help visualise situations on the roads. This is very helpful and effective. Now I have driving licence and I happily drive in Aberdeen thanks to Mirek.

Elizabeth Lain
Passed 1st time
Hello Mirek! If I ever know anyone wanting to learn, I will always recommend you. Hope you and the family are well. "Before I started driving lessons I was very anxious, I thought it would be the hardest thing in the world. Mirek completely put me at ease straight away. I looked forward to each lesson as I knew he would help me make progress without fail. He made my lessons enjoyable, if I ever did something wrong he would make sure I never did again. I couldn't have hoped for a better instructor. I highly recommend Mirek."

Clara MennieClara Mennie
I would recommend Mirek to anyone who is looking to pass their driving test. I was very nervous and had a lack of confidence with driving and felt that I was never going to pass my test. Mirek is very good at building your confidence and makes you feel at ease with driving which is exactly what I needed in an instructor. He is confident, hard working & reliable and he will not give up on you even when you do feel like giving up! I was over the moon when I passed my test with little faults and thanks to Mirek, I believe I am a safe and confident driver'.

Josh Buchan
Passed 1st time
Thanks Mirek for helping me pass my driving test first time after a one week intense course, and would certainly recommend you. Thanks Josh.

Sean Tierney
If you are a very anxious person Mirek is an excellent instructor, very patient and down to earth. If you don't understand something or are struggling with something he will find a way of explaining it that you will understand. He will always be positive and never put you down if you make a mistake. Personally I don't think I would have passed as quickly as I did if it wasn't for Him.

Jay Rattray
Passed 1st time
Great driving instructor, made me feel relaxed and at ease during my lessons. Passed within a week after 20 hours of lessons due to his in depth teaching methods, takes time to explain certain aspects of driving if you feel you need more help in certain areas.

Kit HabbiKit Habbi
Now that I've passed my test with him I would highly recommend Mirek Klóska as a driving instructor thanks to his laid back attitude and clear teaching style. Mirek will give you as much independence in terms of driving as it is safe to give but is always able to provide guidance if it is asked for.

Umda Saif Tirmazee
Passed 1st time
Thank you for helping me pass my driving test. Your calm and easy going attitude helped me feel relaxed and at ease whilst improving my skills at driving. Your flexible and understanding nature made my lessons and test easy. Your knowledge and experience gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test, and have given me something, which I will be able to utilise for my life here in the UK. My respects!  Umda Saif Tirmazee

John BissetJohn Bisset
Passed 1st time
Mirek made me feel at ease as soon as i got in the car. He was so calm in his teaching and explained everything thoroughly. The only reason I passed first time was due to his teaching. Highly recommended.

Mark Pearson
Passed 1st time
Very good instructor! I done the 20hrs intensive course and passed 1st time! Great teacher, great guy!

Monica Silva
Passed 1st time
Its my pleasure all I can say its in forever thankful for your hard work dedication and commitment to me and the students! Impeccable teacher Mirek.